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Our Tips For Your Hair During Coronavirus Outbreak

By Patrizia Manias

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The world stops. Since coronavirus hits many countries, people have to stay at home and do ‘social distancing’. This time may help you to embrace your natural beauty at home. However, depending on how long the lockdown will last, you will be inevitably conscious about your look, especially your hair, during the self-isolation. So, we’ve prepared some our tips for your hair during this isolation time.


Temporary Touch-up Spray Rather Than Box Dye

You may be tempting to go to a store and grab a home hair colour now. We say “Don’t Do it!” Home hair colourants do not provide a variety of colours that your hair has. When our stylists do colouring, they mix several colours to match your own hair colour. A box dye may bring about the multi-tonal gradation to the hair and then, it will be a very demanding job for your stylist to fix the colour after the isolation time, which means it will take more time and more cost. You cannot also apply the colour without overlap and blotchiness at home unless you are a professional stylist. If you really want to cover up grey roots, we suggest you to use a temporary touch-up spray and reach out to us rather than resorting to doing your own roots. After colouring your hair, you just need to dust the spray across the parting.


How To Keep Your Hair Healthy At Home

The self-isolation time may be good time to give your hair a break from colouring as well as heating. To keep your hair healthy or to last your hair colour longer, we want to say “don’t wash your hair everyday.” If you live in hard water area, washing hair frequently causes dryness, frizzing hair, split ends and scalp itchiness. Overwashing leeches the moisture from your strands. That also makes your hair colour faded quickly. Wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water, rather than superhot, 2 or 3 times a week and use hair mask 1 time a week regularly.

Before drying your hair, use heat protection products and then pat hair with a towel. Do not rub your hair because this causes the repeated friction against hair strands and breakages. Try not to use high heat dryers to avoid any damage. Wide-tooth brushes can help you during the drying in order to detangle hair locks. After drying hair, apply an oil-based moisturiser, not an alcohol-based product, to lock in the moisture.


We want to speak our clients “please be patient with your hair during the period of self-isolation.” The PATRIZIA MANIAS Team are all in this together and look forward to welcoming you in salon again very soon. We wish you safe and well.

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