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Ciao Bella, Welcome to Milano!

By Patrizia Manias

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Milan is a sophisticated and modern city. The city represents the economic centre in Italy. Most of big brands are settled into Milan – from the world’s best-known fashion brands to automobile industry. Milan is also the place you can appreciate a range of beautiful art forms like THE Duomo. Last but not least, we have a root in this beautiful city. The city has given us lots of inspiration to start our brand. So, it’s definitely worth experiencing Milan to explore our background! We are going to share some travel tips with you here.



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THE Duomo

If you think of go-to places in Milan, the first place on your mind might be il Duomo di Milano, the cathedral. The Duomo is a triumph of Gothic architecture and one of the largest churches of contemporary Europe. The cathedral is decorated with Italian marble and lots of sculptures. If you want to view the city skyline, go to the rooftop.




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Hub for Fashion and Design

You can’t talk about Milan without fashion. Milan is a plethora of high-end fashion houses. This city is a place to give birth to luxury brands, such as Prada, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Missoni and so on. When you are near the Duomo, go to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which is the oldest shopping mall and one of the landmarks in Milan. Or pop in the famous department store, La Rinascente. It’s not a secret that you can enjoy another view of the city on its top floor. Do you want to visit boutiques of the luxury brands? Via Montenapoleone is an essential destination for luxury shopping in Milan. The high-end fashion houses – not only Italian brands but also global luxury brands – have their own flagship stores and boutiques.

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If you have a plan to visit Milan in February or September, you can have a chance to watch Milano Fashion Week Shows. Milano Fashion Week is one of the big four global fashion events with Paris, London and New York. Photographers and models are seen in the whole city and just being among them is enough to feel trendy and inspired. Another international event in the city is Salone del Mobile, the Milan Furniture Fair, which starts usually in April. This exhibition showcases furniture and design of global brands.

Milan is a cultural hotspot with plenty to see. One of the must-go places is Santa Maria delle Grazie church where you can see one of the most famous frescoes of the, the Last Supper Renaissance by Leonardo da Vinci. If you want to feel the Italian artistic spirit more, why don’t you visit some museums, such as Museo Bagatti Valsecchi (Museum of decorative arts), Museo Poldi Pezzoli (Museum of European master paintings), the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale (Museum of Natural History), Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Gallery of Modern Art) and Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea (Contemporary Art Pavilion)?




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Little Venice, the Navigli

If you are after the cheerful night life, go to the Navigli where you can see the 12th century transportation, canal. This canal district is now the place for small shops, restaurants and pubs. Time your visit for the last Sunday of every month when the Mercatone dell’Antiquariato (vintage flea market) rolls into the neighbourhood. The temporary stalls set up shop for the day all along Navigli Grande.




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Taste Eat-aly!

Italy is the food heaven on the earth. There are loads of famous Italian dishes. However, if you are in Milan, you must try some signature Milan cuisines. Since Milan is located in landlocked region, meat usually appears on Milanese tables. There are two iconic dishes to seek out in Milan: Ossobuco and Cotoletta alla Milanese.

Ossobuco, which means bone with a hole, is braised meat with a mixture of vegetables. The cut of veal used for this dish is sliced horizontally through the bone and exposes the marrow, which is what gives the dish its buttery richness. Slow-cooked in beef broth until the meat becomes soft enough to cut with a fork, ossobuco is finished with a topping of gremolà or gremolada, a zesty herb relish made with mashed anchovies, minced garlic, parsley, and lemon zest. Ossobuco can be served alone or it can be accompanied by polenta, peas, mashed potatoes, or spinach with butter, but for a real feast of flavours, it is best enjoyed with risotto alla Milanese, which is risotto with saffron.

Cotoletta alla Milanese is a tender veal cutlet coated in crunchy breadcrumbs fried in butter. What makes a cotoletta truly a cotoletta is not so much the meat’s girth (or lack thereof) but that the cutlet has been pan-fried in clarified butter and that the meat comes from milk-fed veal.

When it comes to Dolce (dessert), Panettone, the Christmas fruitcake, is the classic dessert. Milanese enjoys Panettone not only during Christmas holidays but every day. This sweet cake is born in the city and now people in the world love this dessert.



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Milan leads us to the world equally treaded with the hypermodern and the wonderfully old. The city has countless stories to tell and great beauty to share. PATRIZIA MANIAS aims to represent beauty of the city and join clients on a journey to the sophisticated and high-end beauty experience. Feel the Milanese atmosphere in our salons today!


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